{size} ← cvec ##.utf8put fid                ⍝ Char vector ⍺ to UTF-8 file ⍵.

Character  vector  [cvec]  is written to file [fid] in UTF-8 format and the file
size in bytes returned as a shy result.

NB: this function is superseded by system function ⎕NPUT.


    ⎕←'Hello ⍳⍴ World' utf8put 'tmp.txt'    ⍝ put 18-byte UTF-8 file.

    utf8get 'tmp.txt'                       ⍝ get file.
Hello ⍳⍴ World

    notes.utf8put   utf8put 'tmp.txt'       ⍝ put these notes.

    notes.utf8put ≡ utf8get 'tmp.txt'       ⍝ get these notes.

See also: utf8get int putfile

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