{size} ← {term←2} ##.putfile (fid rows)     ⍝ Put rows to text-file.

NB: this function is superseded by system function ⎕NPUT.

Writes  [rows] to text file [fid]. Optional left argument (default 2) determines
how many terminator characters are to be appended to each line:

    2: cr lf  (Windows)
    1:    lf  (Unix)
    0:        (no line terminators)

If the file already exists, its contents are _replaced_.

The shy result is the [size] of the file in bytes.

Technical note:

In preparation for the Unicode version of Dyalog, the file is assumed to contain
any  and  only  characters from ⎕AV. This means that pre-Unicode versions should
use  conversion  code  82 and post-Unicode should use 160. This is achieved with
version-independent code:

    size←cvec ⎕NAPPEND ntie,⎕DR ⎕AV     ⍝ write lines to file.

      lines←'first line' 'second' 'third'

      putfile 'tmp.txt' lines       ⍝ create (Windows) text file.

See also: getfile xtabs pututf8

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