rslt ← i j k··· F ##.for G for H··· arg  ⍝ Multiple selection of function list.

This  operator  can be viewed as a function list version of (pow) or it could be
seen as a multiple choice version of (case).

    fourfns←F for G for H for K
    2 1 0 2 fourfns arg
    F F G K K arg

The integer list left argument is anchored such that its right item controls the
number of times the rightmost function is run and counts leftwards for the rest.

The function operands are monadic and must be capable of acting on the result of
whichever  of the previous (to the right) functions happen to have run. Right to
left operation is the order of the day.


      embrace←{'(',⍵,')'} for {'[',⍵,']'} for {'{',⍵,'}'} for {'<',⍵,'>'}

      1 0 2 3 embrace 'this'

See also: case pow co_ops

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