A number of the operators in this workspace are designed to co-operate in  mult-
iple instances within a derived function:

    f co_op g co_op h co_op k ... argument     ⍝ typical co-operator expression.

with expression tree:

            ...  argument
          │     │
       ┌co_op┐  k
       │     │
    ┌co_op┐  h
    │     │
    f     g

Notice  that  co-operators  are always dyadic but may produce a monadic or ambi-
valent derived function.

A typical use of a co-operator is for the left argument to select which  monadic
operand function should be applied to the right argument.

... to be continued

Examples are:

    →case←  Select statement.
    →cond←  Conditional function application.
    →for←   Multiple selection of function list.
    →fork←  Function fork.
    →lof←   List of functions.
    →of←    Pick'th fn applied to arg.
    →vof←   Vector of functions.

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