cmat ← {attributes} ##.attrib namelist      ⍝ Function/operator attributes.

The right argument is a namelist of functions or operators and the optional left
argument,  a  character  vector  of  the attributes to be displayed. By default,
date,  name  and first comment are shown in date-time order. The attributes that
can be displayed are:

    n   name of function or operator,
    d   date of fix yyyy-mm-dd,
    t   time of fix   hh:mm:ss,
    i   id of fixer,
    r   number of rows,
    c   number of cols,
    s   size or "workspace footprint" in bytes.
    ∇   function or operator syntax, which is depicted:

        ⍴←     explicit result.
        {⍴←}   shy result.
        ⍺      required left argument.
        {⍺}    optional left argument.
        ⍺⍺     left operand.
        ⍵      right argument.
        ⍵⍵     right operand.
        ∇      function.
        ∇∇     operator.

    ⍝   first line comment,

In addition, sort characters '⍋' and '∧' are acknowledged:

    ⍋   use following row as a  _visible_   sort field.
    ∧   use following row as an _invisible_ sort field.

    ·    any other character is passed literally to the result column.

[attrib]  is  a good candidate for invocation using a programmable function (PF)
key, see →PF_keys←.

Technical notes:

APL's  traditional  "name clash" problem is avoided by executing the name refer-
encing  system functions: ⎕AT, ⎕NR, ⎕SIZE, chronologically _before_ the creation
of any of attrib's local names. This means that at system function time, none of
the subject names are obscured by local definitions.

    names lines sntx time ids sizes←↑{  ⍝ names local to attrib.
        (⊂↓⍵){⍺,⍵                       ⍝   names,
        }(⊂⎕NR¨↓⍵){⍺,⍵                  ⍝   ⎕NR,
        }(1 1 0 1/↓⍉↑,↓⎕AT ⍵){⍺,⍵       ⍝   ⎕AT,
        }⊂⎕SIZE ⍵                       ⍝   ⎕SIZE.
    }⎕FMT↑⍵                             ⍝ executed _before_ local name creation.

Notice  that  a more readable and seemingly equivalent version of the inner four
lines above:

        names←⊂↓⍵                       ⍝ fn/op names.
        lines←⊂⎕NR¨↓⍵                   ⍝ ⎕NR,
        attrs←1 1 0 1/↓⍉↑,↓⎕AT ⍵        ⍝ ⎕AT,
        sizes←⊂⎕SIZE ⍵                  ⍝ ⎕SIZE,
        names,lines,attrs,sizes         ⍝ accumulated attributes.

...  would defeat the object by creating "early" local names. For example, local
names: [names], [lines] and [attrs], would obscure a workspace function or oper-
ator  of  the  same name from the following system functions. An alternative but
ungainly coding would be to string the whole thing across a single source line:

        (⊂↓⍵),(⊂⎕NR¨↓⍵),(1 1 0 1/↓⍉↑,↓⎕AT ⍵),⊂⎕SIZE ⍵

...  but  this  is  over-long and hard to comment or amend. The compromise is to
spread it over several lines using the linking function: {⍺,⍵}


Incidentally,  "workspace footprint"  is  perhaps a less misleading term for the
result of ⎕SIZE. If we imagine the footprints from a number of people on a dusty
floor,  some of the prints will probably overlap and in extremis, the total area
of  individual  footprints  might exceed that of the floor. Similarly, the ⎕SIZE
reported  for each function or operator includes that of the symbols and literal
constants  it  references.  As  symbols  and constants with identical values are
shared (or overlap) between functions and operators, (+/⎕SIZE ⎕NL 3 4) could ex-
ceed the value of ⎕WA in an empty workspace!


      attrib 'a'⎕nl 3                       ⍝ a-functions in date-time order.
2000-10-01  ascfile  ⍝ Ascii file as nested vector.
2000-11-09  ambiv    ⍝ Ambivalize traditional functions.
2001-11-02  assign   ⍝ Hungarian method cost assignment.
2002-10-31  attrib   ⍝ Function/operator attributes.

      names←'attrib' 'wsdiff' 'pow' 'else'  ⍝ selection of fns/ops.

      attrib names                          ⍝ default fields in fixtime order.
1998-03-05  else    ⍝ Condition f else g ...
2000-10-11  pow     ⍝ Explicit function power.
2002-10-31  wsdiff  ⍝ Workspace differences.
2002-10-31  attrib  ⍝ Function/operator attributes.

      'n ⍝'attrib names                     ⍝ names and comments.
attrib ⍝ Function/operator attributes.
wsdiff ⍝ Workspace differences.
pow    ⍝ Explicit function power.
else   ⍝ Condition f else g ...

      '⍋n ⍝'attrib names                    ⍝ names and comments in name order.
attrib ⍝ Function/operator attributes.
else   ⍝ Condition f else g ...
pow    ⍝ Explicit function power.
wsdiff ⍝ Workspace differences.

      'n i r×c ∇ ⍝'attrib names             ⍝ name id rows cols syntax comment.
attrib Dyadic  56×82 ⍴←{⍺}∇⍵        ⍝ Function/operator attributes.
wsdiff Dyadic 102×82 ⍴←{⍺}∇⍵        ⍝ Workspace differences.
pow    Dyadic   3×50 ⍴←{⍺}(⍺⍺∇∇)⍵   ⍝ Explicit function power.
else   Dyadic   4×45 ⍴←{⍺}(⍺⍺∇∇⍵⍵)⍵ ⍝ Condition f else g ...

      'dTt s'attrib names                   ⍝ ISO timestamp and size.
2002-10-31T14:19:22 5340
2002-10-31T10:42:03 8528
2000-10-11T12:14:54  360
1998-03-05T16:41:54  436

      'n ⍋s'attrib names                    ⍝ names in order of WS footprint.
pow     360
else    436
attrib 5340
wsdiff 8528

      'n ⍋r×⍋c'attrib names                 ⍝ names in row, then col order.
pow      3×50
else     4×45
attrib  56×82
wsdiff 102×82

⍝ The final examples show the difference in sorting on date or date-time.

      '⍋d ⍋t n'attrib 2↑names               ⍝ date-time order
2002-10-31 10:42:03 wsdiff
2002-10-31 14:19:22 attrib

      '⍋d n'attrib 2↑names                  ⍝ date order.
2002-10-31 attrib
2002-10-31 wsdiff

      '⍋d∧t n'attrib 2↑names                ⍝ date-(time) order.
2002-10-31 wsdiff
2002-10-31 attrib

See also: PF_keys

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