rslt ← (fn ##.vwise) ref    ⍝ Variable-wise: apply ⍺⍺ to each var in space ⍵.

Suggested by Paul Mansour, [vwise] applies its operand function to each variable
in the namespace referenced by right argument ⍵.

Note  that  any  non-primitive  functions in vwise's operand will execute in the
_calling_, rather than the _target_ space.

Paul  suggests some related operators: "Furthermore, we need a way to operate on
each sub namespace in a namespace, which suggests swise, or "space wise":

    swise←{         ⍝ Space wise
        ⍺⍺¨refs ⍵   ⍝ Apply to each space

It is convenient to have variations of these operators that do replacement:

    vwiser←{                    ⍝ Var wise, with Replacement
        n←↓⍵.⎕NL 2              ⍝ Var Names
        v←⍺⍺¨⍵∘⍎¨n              ⍝ Apply to each
        ⍵⊣n ⍵.{⍎⍺,'←⍵'}¨v       ⍝ Reset vars


    swiser←{            ⍝ Space wise with replacement
        ↑⍺⍺¨refs ⍵      ⍝ Apply to each space

Note  that we could have one version of each operator and control their behavior
with a left argument, but this increases the complexity of the syntax when call-
ing them.

With  operator  "saw" (simple-array-wise) and these new operators, we can get to
work  on an arbitrary namespace structure. Here is an example that finds and re-
places "words" in each simple text vector of a namespace ns:

    f←ft rt∘ssword      ⍝ Find and replace
    g←f saw             ⍝ ... in each simple array
    h←g vwiser          ⍝ ... in every variable
    h swiser ns         ⍝ ... in every space

where  ft is the find text, rt is the replace text, and ssword is a slightly re-
worked version of its DFNS namesake.

Or simply rotate every variable in and under namespace A:

    ⌽ vwiser swiser A

or display the contents all variables in and under A:

    ⊢ vwise swise A

It  appears vwise and swise are used in together a lot, so it might be useful to
combine them in a single operator:

    vswise←{                ⍝ Var and Space Wise
        ⍺⍺ vwise swise ⍵    ⍝ ...


    vswiser←{               ⍝ Var and Space Wise
        ⍺⍺ vwiser swiser ⍵  ⍝ ...

Count the number of simple matrices in every item of every variable in and under

    +/∊{2=⍴⍴⍵}saw vswise A

Rotate every matrix, simple or nested, in and under A:

    {2=⍴⍴⍵:⌽⍵ ⋄ ⍵} vswiser A


      +/{82=⎕dr ⍵}vwise notes       ⍝ number of simple char vars in #.
      ∧/{⍵≡vtrim ⍵}vwise notes      ⍝ check that all notes have been trimmed.
      ~1∊(' ',⎕tc)∊{⊃⌽⍵}vwise notes ⍝ check no trailing white space in notes.
      ∪{⊢⎕cs''}vwise notes          ⍝ operand function runs in calling space.

See also: refs xrefs saw

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