caps ← {ack ign←'' ''} ##.von chars         ⍝ Capitalise first letters of names.

Suggested  by  Dick Bowman, this function by Veli-Matti Jantunen produces appro-
priate capitalisation of a name. The function may be made to capitalise a "root"
name  following  a prefix such as Mc or Mac, but leave separators such as le and
von in lower case.

The  optional  left argument is a 2-item, depth-3 vector of prefixes to acknowl-
edge (ack) and ignore (ign). The argument is permissive in accepting less deeply
nested vectors:

    Depth-3 vector general case:    ·   ·   ·   ·   (ack ack ...) (ign ign ...)
    Depth-2 vector 'one' 'two' ... is intepreted:   (one two ...) (           )
    Depth-1 vector 'one' is interpreted:    ·   ·   (one        ) (           )
    Missing left argument:                          (           ) (           )


      titles←'margaretha von bahr' 'ahti von toilet' 'leonardo da vinci' 'william of orange' 'llywelyn ap gruffudd' 'guzman el bueno' 'winnie the pooh'

      ↑von¨titles                                   ⍝ default capitalisation.
Margaretha von Bahr
Ahti von Toilet
Leonardo da Vinci
William of Orange
Llywelyn ap Gruffudd
Guzman el Bueno
Winnie the Pooh

      von'd''annunzio t''haarlem'                   ⍝ caps after "'".
d'Annunzio t'Haarlem

      von'åkerlund æsop'                            ⍝ national language caps.
Åkerlund Æsop

      'Mc'von'nasty norman mctavish o''reilly'      ⍝ acknowledge "Mc" prefix.
Nasty Norman McTavish O'Reilly

      von 'Lorenzo de'' Medici  Mohammed el-Gerousch c/o al-Ahram'
Lorenzo de' Medici  Mohammed el-Gerousch c/o al-Ahram

      names←'mcgryver macintosh macho dicaprio dickens'

      von names                                     ⍝ default caps,
Mcgryver Macintosh Macho Dicaprio Dickens

      'mc' 'mac' 'di' von names                     ⍝ ... with Mc, Mac, Di,
McGryver MacIntosh MacHo DiCaprio DiCkens

      ('Mc' 'Mac' 'Di')('Mach' 'Dick') von names    ⍝ ... except MacH, DiCk.
McGryver MacIntosh Macho DiCaprio Dickens

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