cvec ← (srce from into)               ⍝ Approx alternative to xutils' ss.

The  right  argument  is a 3-item vector of simple vectors. The result is formed
from  the  source  [srce] with occurrences of string [from] replaced with string
[into].  Notice  that  regular  expressions  are  not used; there are no special
characters, so '*', '[]', etc. are taken literally. Notice also that in the case
of overlapping strings, both strings are identified and both are replaced.


      ss'Banana' 'an' 'AN'                  ⍝ non-overlapping strings.

      ss'Banana' 'ana' 'ANA'                ⍝ overlapping strings.

      ss (⍳10) (3 4 5) (88 99)              ⍝ numeric strings.
1 2 88 99 6 7 8 9 10

      ss'' 'bb' 'zz'                    ⍝ "Ray's case".

See also: subs ssmat ssword subvec

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