enc ← ##.rep name                           ⍝ Encapsulate function/operator.

Returns an encapsulation of the function or operator [name] suitable for storing
in  an array or on file. Notably, the representation accommodates named, derived
(or "assigned") functions, such as: sum←+/.

Technical note:

For  traditional and D- functions/operators, ⎕or could be used directly, but the
⎕or of a derived function does not include its name for re-fixing. In this case,
the  capsule is a (name ⎕or) pair. Note that the rank of ⎕cr is used to disting-

    0=⍴⍴⎕cr ⍵:  primitive / system function.
    1=⍴⍴⎕cr ⍵:  derived function.
    2=⍴⍴⎕cr ⍵:  defined / D-function.


    ⎕fx'z←tfn' 'z←⎕ts'          ⍝ trad fn.
    dfn←{3↑⍵}                   ⍝ D fn.
    afn←×/                      ⍝ assigned fn.

    rep¨ 'tfn' 'dfn' 'afn'

See also: fix mns

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