cmp ← {cmp←1} ##.packX txt                  ⍝ TeXt Packer.

Supplied  by  Veli-Matti Jantunen, packX splits its text argument into two char-
acter pairs, and saves the indices of the pairs that can be made from the unique

The compression ratio is not quite as good as packH, but the uncompress speed is
much better.

VMJ says: I tested one 250 kB text file, which gave me the results:

packer    time to pack/pack+unpack    ratio
------    ------------------------    -----
packH      0,4s    7,5s               51,6%
packS      0,9s    (>5min..)          51,1%
packB      0,2s    0,4s               26,8%
packX      1,4s    1,7s               30,8%

See also: Data_compression

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