cmp ← {cmp←1} ##.packT exp                  ⍝ Simple text vector packager.

[packT] is a simple text vector packager, proposed by Stefano Lanzavecchia.

The repeated items are replaced with [esc][asc][chr], where:

    esc = "escape" character (⎕AV[1 2 or 3], it shouldn't be in the data!)
    asc = ⎕AV character indicates how many times the char must be repeated
    chr = the character

Because  the  RLE  coding takes three characters, short repeated strings are not
packed  (and  thus  ⎕AV[1 2 3]  are  free  for "esc"); if the repeated areas are
longer  than  256  chars,  there  will be more esc sequences. If there are "esc"
characters,  they  are doubled. This is a nice algorithm, but I (VMJ) have found
no real world data where it would be useful.

See also: Data_compression

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