{name} ← {ref} ##.ambiv namelist            ⍝ Ambivalize traditional function.

Changes  the header in [namelist] traditional defined functions by enclosing the
left  argument  in each header line in braces. Useful when importing dyadic APL2
functions  that  may be called with no left argument. The shy result is a vector
of the names of those functions that have been changed with nulls for those that
haven't. The optional left argument specifies the namespace in which the operat-
ion is to take place, default: current space. Notice that [ambiv] may be used in
conjunction with →refs← to ambivalize all functions and operators in a namespace


      ambiv ⎕nl 3 4                 ⍝ ambivalize all fns and ops in this space.

      ambiv'foo' 'goo' 'hoo'        ⍝ worked for foo and hoo, but not goo.
│ ┌→──┐ ┌⊖┐ ┌→──┐ │
│ │foo│ │ │ │hoo│ │
│ └───┘ └─┘ └───┘ │

      ⎕se.NumEd ambiv'numed'        ⍝ ambivalize ⎕se.NumEd.numed.

      {⍵ ambiv ⍵.⎕nl 3 4}¨refs #    ⍝ ambivalize all fns and ops in workspace.

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