tree ← ##.tnest (depth leaves)              ⍝ Array from TreeView style tree.

The TreeView style representation of a tree is rendered in nested array form.

Technical note:

An alternative coding of this function might be:

    tnest←{                             ⍝ Array from TreeView style tree.
        1{                              ⍝ starting with split at 1s.
            1=⍴⍵:⊃⌽↑⍵                   ⍝ atom: leaf value.
            (⊂⊃⌽⊃⍵),(⍺+1)∇¨(⍺=⊃¨⍵)⊂⍵    ⍝ tree: node followed by subarrays.
        }↓⍉↑⍵                           ⍝ vector of depth-node pairs.

Examples, See: Trees

See also: tfmt tview

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