vecs ← seps ##.segs vec                     ⍝ ⍺-separated segments of vector ⍵.

Right argument [vec] is partitioned at items in left argument array  [seps].  In

- separator items are removed from each result segment.
- adjacent separators in [vec] are treated as if only one had been present.

These effects are illustrated by the following example:

    wds ← ' '∘segs                      ⍝ blank-separated words.

    wds 'ready steady      go'          ⍝ three words.


    song ← 'Any old iron, any old iron? Any old, any old, iron?'

    '?'segs song
│Any old iron, any old iron│ Any old, any old, iron│

    ','segs¨ '?'segs song
││Any old iron│ any old iron│││ Any old│ any old│ iron││

    ' 'segs¨¨ ','segs¨ '?'segs song

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