##.mmind ⎕A[?4⍴6]                           ⍝ Mastermind or "cows and bulls".

Reima Naumanen provides this one-liner to play Mastermind (or "cows and bulls").

The rules of the game are:

- The  machine  chooses  a  4-letter code at random from characters A B C D E F.
  Letters in the code may be repeated, so examples might be: ABDF, FFAB, BBBB,··

- You try to guess the combination by suggesting a 4-letter code.

- The  machine  responds  to your guess by reporting a "hint" of how many "cows"
  and "bulls" you scored:

    A bull (*) is a correct letter in its correct position.
    A cow  (+) is a correct letter in the wrong position.

    Note that the order and position of the *s and +s in the hint has no signif-
    icance;  for example, **+ means that two of the letters (not necessarily the
    first two) are in the correct position and that a further one is present but
    in the wrong position.

    For  example,  if  the code is ABBA, then the following guesses would elicit

    code:       ABBA    ABBA    ABBA    ABBA    ABBA    ABBA    ABBA    ABBA
    guess:      EACD    CDEF    BACD    AAAD    BAAB    BABA    AAAA    ABBA
    hint:       +               ++      *+      ++++    **++    **      ****

- Based  on  the  hints, you try repeated guesses until you score 4 bulls (****)
  and the game finishes.

- The aim of the game is to guess the hidden code in as few moves as possible.

For example, if the code were ADEA, a game might look like this:

ADEA                        (hidden code)

    mmind ⎕A[?4⍴6]
FECF                        1st guess
+                               0 bulls 1 cow
BABC                        2nd guess
+                               1 cow
EBDB                        3rd guess
++                              2 cows
DDFB                        4th guess
*                               1 bull
ADEA                        5th guess
****                            4 bulls! (osuu oikein)

Note  that  while  "official"  Mastermind  uses 4 letters chosen from 6, Reima's
version works with any number chosen from any number. Try: mmind ⎕a[5?9], etc.

Technical notes:

Remarkably, the game can be both programmed and invoked by entering just 77 key-
strokes (including the terminating _Return_) into a clear session!

  {'*'∨.≠(⍴⍵)↑⎕←'*+'/⍨⍵{(⍺+.=⍵),⍺{+/⊃⌊/+/¨(⊂∪⍺)∘.=¨(⍺≠⍵)∘/¨⍺ ⍵}⍵}⍞:∇⍵}⎕A[?4⍴6]

If we eschew codes with repeated letters, this number drops to 55!


Veli-Matti  Jantunen  suggests  this version, which copes with wrong-length ans-

  {⍵{⎕←(+/¨<\(⍵=⍺)(⍵∊⍺))/'*+' ⋄ ⍺≢⍵}(⍴⍵)↑⍞~' ':∇ ⍵}⎕A[?4⍴6]

Alternatively,  as  Reima says, you can make a human opponent sweat by using the
computer to help in guessing:

At first 1296 possible codes:

      p←4{⎕IO←0⋄ ↓⎕a[⍉(⍺⍴⍵)⊤⍳⍵*⍺]}6

Say ABCC and hint is 1+1, then there are about 230 codes left:

      {⍵⊃⍨?⍴⍵}p←p/⍨11=p{10⊥(⍺+.=⍵),⍺{+/⊃⌊/+/¨(⊂∪⍺)∘.=¨(⍺≠⍵)∘/¨⍺ ⍵}⍵}¨⊂'ABCC'

Say CBBF and there'll be 46 left

      {⍵⊃⍨?⍴⍵}p←p/⍨ 1=p{10⊥(⍺+.=⍵),⍺{+/⊃⌊/+/¨(⊂∪⍺)∘.=¨(⍺≠⍵)∘/¨⍺ ⍵}⍵}¨⊂'CBBF'

Say ACAA and get 3+0 so

      {⍵⊃⍨?⍴⍵}p←p/⍨30=p{10⊥(⍺+.=⍵),⍺{+/⊃⌊/+/¨(⊂∪⍺)∘.=¨(⍺≠⍵)∘/¨⍺ ⍵}⍵}¨⊂'ACAA'

There will be 4 codes left. A Lucky quess ends the game:



Mayer,A., "Cows and Bulls", Vector 10.1, July 1993.

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