indx ← notespace ##.index class             ⍝ ⍵-index of notes in space ⍺.

[index]  extracts  lines starting 'Index',[class] from character arrays in space
[notespace]  and  returns a vector of (entry refs) pairs:

    entry:  index entry (character vector)
    refs:   names of variables referencing entry (vector of character vectors).

Multiple entries on the same line are separated by character '|'.

The  notes  in this workspace use the convention ':' to add entries to a ≤topic≥
index,  ';'  to  add  entries  to a ≤person≥ index, and '≡' to add entries to an
alias list.

    Index:  topic_entry|topic_entry|...
    Index;  person_entry|...
    Index≡  alias, for example "network, see: graph", as follows:


Index≡BFS→breadth-first search|network→graph|Phi→golden mean
Index≡balanced tree→binary search tree|IDN→International Day Number
Index≡AGM→arithmetic-geometric mean|BST→binary search tree
Index≡DFS→depth-first search|MST→minimum spanning tree|RLE→run-length encoding
Index≡line list→line vector|FRE→Function Results Edition|LZW→Lempel-Ziv-Welch
Index≡spaces→blanks|GCD→greatest common divisor|LCM→least common multiple
Index≡JITS→Just-In-Time-Subtraction|HCF→greatest common divisor
Index≡CPS→continuation-passing style|Ø→golden mean
Index≡imaginary numbers→complex numbers|HHKB→Happy Hacking Keyboard
Index≡line-drawing characters→box-drawing characters|FFT→Fast Fourier Transform
Index≡data compression→compression|TAO→Total array ordering
Index≡read-eval-print loop→REPL|nested array→array, nested|EIS→enclose-if-simple
Index≡recursion, mutual→mutual recursion|mutual recursion→recursion, mutual


    ↑ 5↑ notes index ':'                ⍝ first 5 _topic_ index entries.
 ⍺th root      root
 ⍺←            root
 accumulator   factorial  fibonacci  list
 adjacent 1s   xtabs
 AGM           limit

    ↑ 5↑ notes index ';'                ⍝ first 5 _person_ index entries.
 Adelson-Velskii G.M.   avl
 Baas M.                pred
 Baronet D.             dtb
 Beckham D.             mayan
 Bopp Y.                enlist

    ↑ 5↑ notes index ':;'               ⍝ first 5 _combined_ index entries.
 ⍺th root               root
 ⍺←                     root
 accumulator            factorial  fibonacci  list
 Adelson-Velskii G.M.   avl
 adjacent 1s            xtabs

    ⍕{'see ',⍵}\↑{1↓¨('→'=⍵)⊂⍵}∘{'→',⊃⍵}¨notes index'≡'     ⍝ alias entries
 AGM                      see arithmetic-geometric mean
 balanced tree            see binary search tree
 BFS                      see breadth-first search
 BST                      see binary search tree
 CPS                      see continuation-passing style
 data compression         see compression
 DFS                      see depth-first search
 EIS                      see enclose-if-simple
 FFT                      see Fast Fourier Transform
 FRE                      see Function Results Edition
 GCD                      see greatest common divisor
 HCF                      see greatest common divisor
 HHKB                     see Happy Hacking Keyboard
 IDN                      see International Day Number
 imaginary numbers        see complex numbers
 JITS                     see Just-In-Time-Subtraction
 LCM                      see least common multiple
 line list                see line vector
 line-drawing characters  see box-drawing characters
 LZW                      see Lempel-Ziv-Welch
 MST                      see minimum spanning tree
 mutual recursion         see recursion, mutual
 nested array             see array, nested
 network                  see graph
 Phi                      see golden mean
 read-eval-print loop     see repl
 recursion, mutual        see mutual recursion
 RLE                      see run-length encoding
 spaces                   see blanks
 TAO                      see Total array ordering
 Ø                        see golden mean

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