indx ← notespace ##.index class             ⍝ ⍵-index of notes in space ⍺.

[index]  extracts  lines starting 'Index',[class] from character arrays in space
[notespace]  and  returns a vector of (entry refs) pairs:

    entry:  index entry (character vector)
    refs:   names of variables referencing entry (vector of character vectors).

Multiple entries on the same line are separated by character '|'.

The  notes  in this workspace use the convention ':' to add entries to a ≤topic≥
index,  ';'  to  add  entries  to a ≤person≥ index, and '≡' to add entries to an
alias list.

    Index:  topic_entry|topic_entry|...
    Index;  person_entry|...
    Index≡  alias, for example "network, see: graph", as follows:


Index≡BFS→breadth-first search|network→graph|recursion→recursion|Phi→golden mean
Index≡balanced tree→binary search tree|IDN→International Day Number
Index≡AGM→arithmetic-geometric mean|BST→binary search tree
Index≡DFS→depth-first search|MST→minimum spanning tree|RLE→run-length encoding
Index≡line list→line vector|FRE→Function Results Edition|LZW→Lempel-Ziv-Welch
Index≡spaces→blanks|GCD→greatest common divisor|LCM→least common multiple
Index≡JITS→Just-In-Time-Subtraction|HCF→greatest common divisor
Index≡AST→abstract syntax tree|CPS→continuation-passing style|Ø→golden mean
Index≡imaginary numbers→complex numbers|HHKB→Happy Hacking Keyboard
Index≡line-drawing characters→box-drawing characters|FFT→Fast Fourier Transform
Index≡data compression→compression|TAO→Total array ordering
Index≡read-eval-print loop→repl|nested array→array, nested|EIS→enclose-if-simple


    ↑ 5↑ notes index ':'                ⍝ first 5 _topic_ index entries.
 ⍺th root      root
 ⍺←            root
 accumulator   factorial  fibonacci  list
 adjacent 1s   xtabs
 AGM           limit

    ↑ 5↑ notes index ';'                ⍝ first 5 _person_ index entries.
 Adelson-Velskii G.M.   avl
 Baas M.                pred
 Baronet D.             dtb
 Beckham D.             mayan
 Bopp Y.                enlist

    ↑ 5↑ notes index ':;'               ⍝ first 5 _combined_ index entries.
 ⍺th root               root
 ⍺←                     root
 accumulator            factorial  fibonacci  list
 Adelson-Velskii G.M.   avl
 adjacent 1s            xtabs

    {'see ',⍵}\↑{1↓¨('→'=⍵)⊂⍵}∘{'→',⊃⍵}¨notes index'≡'      ⍝ alias entries
 AGM            see arithmetic-geometric mean
 AST            see abstract syntax tree
 balanced tree  see binary search tree
 BFS            see breadth-first search
 BST            see binary search tree
 DFS            see depth-first search
 FRE            see Function Results Edition
 GCD            see greatest common divisor
 HCF            see greatest common divisor
 IDN            see International Day Number
 JITS           see Just-In-Time-Subtraction
 LCM            see least common multiple
 line list      see line vector
 LZW            see Lempel-Ziv-Welch
 MST            see minimum spanning tree
 network        see graph
 Phi            see golden mean
 recursion      see recursion
 RLE            see run-length encoding
 spaces         see blanks

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