words←{⎕IO←0                    ⍝ Split vector into words.
    alph←{(0≤⎕NC⍪⍵)/⍵}⎕AV~'⍺⍵∇' ⍝ primary alphabet: initial letters for names
    supp←⎕D                     ⍝ supplementary: 0-9.
    ⍺←alph supp                 ⍝ default left argument.
    1=≡,⍺:⍺''∇ ⍵                ⍝ supplied argument simple: append null.
    alph supp←⍺                 ⍝ supplied left argument overrides default.
    fm←0 1⍷0,⍵∊alph             ⍝ Start of words
    nw←1 0⍷0,⍵∊alph,supp        ⍝ Start of non-words
    to←∊<\¨(1++\fm)nw          ⍝ End of words.
    (1++\¯1↓fmto)⊆⍵            ⍝ Split words.

test script

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