getfile←{⎕IO ⎕ML←0 1                        ⍝ Get text file ⍵ as nested vector.
    ⍺←0,⎕DR' '                              ⍝ default: no tabs, narrow chars.
    stops ctype←2↑⍺,(≢⍺)↓0,⎕DR' '           ⍝ tab stops and char type.
    22::(⊃⎕DM)⎕SIGNAL ⎕EN                   ⍝ trap bad file name.
    tie←⍵ ⎕NTIE 0                           ⍝ file handle.
    cvec←⎕NREAD tie ctype,⎕NSIZE tie        ⍝ read contents of file.
    _←⎕NUNTIE tie                           ⍝ release file.
    lf cr←⎕UCS 10 13                        ⍝ linefeed carriage-return.
    split←{{⍵~cr lf(1,¯1↓⍵=lf)⊂⍵}         ⍝ split file at <lf> char.
    stops=0:split cvec                      ⍝ no tab expansion: nested vector.
    tabs nabs←1 0=⊂cvec∊⎕UCS 9              ⍝ masks of tabs and non-tabs.
    synctabscvec=lf                       ⍝ sync at tab and end of line.
    segs←¯1+¯2-/¯1,⍸sync                    ⍝ inter-tab segment lengths.
    pads←0⌈stops-stops|(sync/tabs)/segs     ⍝ padding lengths.
    split(nabs+tabs\pads)/nabs\nabs/cvec    ⍝ padded char vector.

test script

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